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andré prinsloo - Dancer

Lot no. 24

Title: Dancer (Edition – 1/7 in Fibreglass)
Medium: Fibreglass mounted on steel
Size: 1830mm high

Indicated value: ZAR 75 000


André Prinsloo was born in Port Elizabeth in 1956. After graduating with a National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Fine Arts from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, he worked in the Sculpture Department of the South African National Defence Force for six years. He then moved to the University of Pretoria where he was employed first as a Technical Assistant and later as a lecturer in Fine Arts (Sculpture) as well as a lecturer at Tshwane University of Technology’s Entertainment Technology (props) department.

Throughout his adult life, André has been involved with sculpture or 3D objects in one way or another. Prior to 2012, however, his career as a sculptor was sporadic and he only took part in group exhibitions once every four years on average as he was working full-time either as a lecturer or, later, in running a small manufacturing business.

At the beginning 2012 he decided to commit himself full-time to sculpture. “Once again I’m able to meet and work with like-minded people, sharing ideas, work methodology, etc,” he says. “So far it’s been a fun and an amazing experience. I don’t care much for accolades and such – it’s more about the experience of making sculpture and in a very selfish way pleasing myself. If my work happens to please you it’s an absolute bonus.”

He says of his work: “The creation of my sculptures is a very private act that originates from deep within my subconscious. Often the idea just happens without much deliberate thought. Verbal communication – especially with strangers, does not come naturally to me. Thus sculpture – like music, has become my universal language. In the act of sculpting I therefore talk to myself and it has become a way of exploring my inner emotions.”