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South Africa’s Premiere Culinary Evening Returns on the 11th September 2014

Cape Town’s stately City Hall played host to one of last year’s most memorable evenings when the first ever ‘Chefs who Share – the ART of giving’ event was inaugurated. Held in aid of youth development, Chefs who Share proved to be a remarkable success for its cause.

Last year Chefs who Share managed to raise a phenomenal R1 195 000 from ticket sales and the accompanying art auction; this year we hope to exceed that.  The event will once again feature an eclectic selection of art pieces for auction, this time accompanied by an equally captivating list of exceptional experiences. Cape Town businessman Iain Banner will reprise his role as master auctioneer. All proceeds raised by this prestigious event will go to MAD Charity (Make a Difference) and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

This year, on the 11th September, the evening’s events will be hosted by South African personalities Jeremy Mansfield & Gerry Rantseli Elsdon with the entertainment provided by Ard Matthews and Kim Kallie. However, just like last year, the real stars of the night will come on the plate. The 21 chefs in attendance – 14 from our nation’s finest restaurants and seven of the best from Europe – will treat the attendant guests to an evening of delectable gastronomic art.





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14 of South Africas best chefs will be joined by 7 of their international peers, cooking in teams of three, each team supported by a top sommelier.


Supporting the theme of sharing for the evening, who better than Jeremy Mansfield & Gerry Rantseli Elsdon?


Two nation wide charities for youth development shared the monies raised and the local community has been supported through the Veggie Box project.


Veggie Boxes – the ongoing initiative of ‘Chefs who Share’

‘Chefs who Share – the ART of giving’ also supports local communities. This new campaign – developed in the context of the gala – encourages to make an oath to end short-term hunger among learners in the townships by buying trademark vegetable boxes.
The Veggie Boxes of the 2013 event and the entire table decoration – consisting of vegetables and fruits – have been generously donated by Woolworths.

Charities like the Amy Biehl Foundation have a mandate to develop and empower youth living in challenged and vulnerable communities within the Western Cape, and will help to select suitable projects for this initiative.

Volunteer chefs visit the initiatives under the ‘Chefs who share – the ART of giving’ umbrella, transforming the ingredients of each vegetable box into mouthwatering meals.

‘With the support of all our patrons, we are not only meeting the physical needs of these hungry children, but we are also feeding their hungry minds’ say Barbara Lenhard and Florian Gast, the founders of the project. ‘The initiative will entrench healthy mindsets around nutritious food and healthy eating. Furthermore, this project will form the building blocks to unlocking children’s creative talent and creating emotionally well-rounded individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs for South Africa’s future’, they add.

Boxes can be bought throughout the year on this website and each vegetable box costs only R 1 000, with all proceeds going to a charity supporting children in need.
And the more boxes are purchased, the more healthy meals will be provided to South Africa’s poorest children.