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Jimmy Law - Rescue Me

Lot no. 22

Title: Rescue Me
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 135cm x 145cm

Indicated value: ZAR 45 000

Jimmy Law Chefs who Share_edited-1 (2)

Jimmy Law was born in Bloemfontein in September 1970, and enrolled at the Technikon Orange Free State (now the Central University of Technology) for a three-year Graphic Design Diploma course. After completing his Military Service, he based himself in Cape Town where he found work as a freelance illustrator and worked in the comic book industry. In his spare time, however, he was painting.

In 2008, he finally made the decision to focus entirely on his painting. At the time, he worked in a photo-realistic style and his canvases took a long time to complete. In December 2010, however, he radically changed his painting style, using only large brushes, which initiated some remarkable changes and effectively started his career as a serious, full-time artist. His focus is on creating energetic and expressive portraits and nudes in a fairly large format using oils.

“I started working with palette knifes during the winter of 2014 and have since fallen in love with them,” says Jimmy. “Many of my current works consist largely of palette knife work combined with brushes. I am fascinated with the human face and features and the multitude of expressions and emotions found within a person’s eyes. Our faces are like landscapes with endless variation and complexities. I am drawn to explore this landscape.“

Many of Jimmy’s works now adorn homes and offices around South Africa, as well as the homes of collectors around the world.