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Kristin Kossi - Beautiful Jungle

Lot no. 17

Title: Beautiful Jungle
Medium: Acrylic, spray paint on canvas. Framed in glossy black wooden frame.
Size: 133,5cm x 154cm

Indicated value: ZAR 120 000


Kristin Kossi is a contemporary artist based in Germany. While she began drawing and painting at a very early age, she also became inspired by fashion and later graduated from the Academy of Fashion Design in Hamburg, Germany. She went on to acquire a great deal of experience in fashion, photography and multimedia, all of which have paved the path for her current artistic endeavours.

Since 2011 Kristin has worked solely as an artist. She doesn’t shy away from a vivid colour palette and draws inspiration from her urban surroundings, including ideas from street art, celebrity icons and advertisements in the production of her unique art pieces. The creative skills and knowledge that she has gained from her past experience are quite integral to her aesthetic process. Although she favours working in a large scale with her paintings, she is currently producing a series of smaller-sized work in which she is developing and further expanding her unique multi-layered technique and using everything from graf ti stencils and spray paint to newspaper collage, markers, oil, acrylic and resin.

Kristin intensely combines colour, vibrancy and a generous dose of humour to produce art that inspires, provokes and delights. Since she had her rst solo show in collaboration with Porsche Hamburg in 2012, she has emerged as an urban pop artist, ready to share her art with the world. Kristin has been featured in German and British publications and on TV as an artist to watch. Her works are currently in private collections in Europe, the USA and Australia.